Annual Calendar

Click HERE to Download our 2018-19 Annual Calendar

Our academic year differs from that of MDCPS.  The headlines for the changes are:

1. Our school year ends before Memorial Day each year - This allows our team more time over the summer to plan and be intentional about the following school year.
2. We have 7-10 mandatory Saturday School Days each year that count towards student attendance.  The two weeks after Memorial Day are typically "throw-away" days and not much learning happens.  We took those days and sprinkled them earlier in the year on Saturdays so that we can get the most out of our 180 days of instruction
3. We do "Late Start" days as opposed to "Early Release" days 5-8 times per year for teacher meetings and development.  Teacher's are fresh at the beginning of the day, so engagement is better, leading to stronger meetings. We also orient our Teacher Planning Days around what our teacher's need, not around holidays.