Being the Change

The function and output of the institution of education has changed dramatically over the past several decades. One constant, however, is the value added by a strong teacher. Children can and do succeed when they have strong teachers for several years in a row.

Beacon College Prep seeks and supports individuals who are ready for and committed to the long-haul with our kids because we care deeply about our students, and know that shaping the future 30 years from now through our acts today takes more than one or two years.

Beacon College Prep is a home for the long-lost “career educator” - those the individual who view service through education as a privilege, and cherish that privilege year after year because of the vision that is crystal clear, even though it is beyond the horizon of our immediate imagination.

If this description sounds like or speaks to you, then we encourage you to apply because Beacon College Prep is committed to making a difference in the lives of our students that endures. We work for much more than test scores: we work to educate and empower our students for life.