Any student residing in Miami-Dade County can APPLY to Beacon College Prep. The application should take no more than 15 minutes to complete, and the entire enrollment process is delineated below:

  • Application

    We are accepting applications for kindergarten students who reside in the Miami-Dade school district.
  • Enrollment Policy

    Student Enrollment / Selection Policy

    As per Florida Statute 10022.33, a lottery will be conducted at each grade level. All lotteries will be conducted in a manner that ensures each eligible student receives an equal chance of being selected.  Applicants will be rank ordered in the random order in which the student lottery numbers are drawn. In order (with consideration of any applicable preference), applicants will be offered admission until all seats have been filled. The remaining students’ names will be placed on an ordered waiting list in which their name was selected.

    Terms and Guidelines:

    1. Beacon College Prep uses a combination of paper applications and online applications based on family preference for students to apply to the school. All paper applications received will be entered into the online registration by school staff.
    2. The computer system will be operated by a third party capable of conducting a random lottery. The system will assign each student a unique identifying number. While conducting the lottery, the system will randomly sort all students creating a rank ordered list, and then assign students to open positions. Open positions will first be filled by students who have a legally allowable exemptions (see below), in the order selected, and then all other students based on the random order selected. All remaining students will be placed on the waiting list in the random order selected. The system will be capable of generating a report to designate which, if any, exemptions were used, the original system generated number (lottery number), the rank, a partial student identifier, the grade level of each student, and columns for each type of exemption (child of founding board member, child of teacher/staff, and sibling of enrolled/accepted student. The system will create a similar randomly derived waiting list showing the rank order in which the identifying numbers were randomly selected. In the event of the computer system is unavailable or unable to run an independently verified lottery, the school will hold a public lottery and ensure it is witnessed and verified by an independent third party.
    3. All applicants participate in a lottery process. When there are less students than seats available, the lottery process is still used as documentation of student placement.
    4.  Only applications received within an enrollment window are eligible to participate in that lottery. The dates for the enrollment windows, including both starting and ending dates, will be published on the school’s website annually.
    5. All applications received after the enrollment period will participate in subsequent lotteries based on the enrollment window dates which will be published annually by the Principal.
    6.  All applicants offered a seat shall be required to respond to an offer for acceptance within the designated time. Those families not responding to the school after multiple attempts of contact will be treated as having declined the offer.

    Allowed Exemptions:

    1. All preference categories shall be published prior to the start of the lottery.
    2. All applicants entitled to receive a placement preference shall be identified and documented prior to each step of the lottery process.
    3. Preference status entitles an applicant to be offered an available seat ahead of applicants without a preference status.
    4. Preferences granted are subject to review and verification. The School reserves the right to rescind acceptance offers if the preference status is not verified or validated (i.e. proof of residency, proof of legal guardianship).
    5.  Preferences to be used include:
      1. Children whose parents who work at the school to which he or she is applying.
      2.  Children of founding board members.
      3. Siblings of currently enrolled students or students who have been accepted.

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