Parent Grievances

In the event that a parent or guardian has a grievance with a procedure, staff member or decision made by the school, we’ve standardized a process help resolve the issue.

  1. Articulate the grievance: Either directly to the main office or online using our grievance form, which can be found here.  When articulating your grievance, please be as specific as possible by identifying who is involved, what happened, why you’re upset, and how you’d like to see the issue resolved.
  2. Schedule a time to meet with leadership: Our main office collects parent meeting requests weekly, and schedules necessary meetings with either the Assistant Principal or the Principal.
  3. Prepare for the meeting: Bring any necessary documentation to support the claim you’re stating in your grievance.  For example, if you disagree with a student’s grade, bring evidence that suggests the student should have a higher grade.
  4. Meet with school leadership: School-based leadership will carve out time to meet with you to hear your concerns, and problem-solve collaboratively with you.  Leadership will ensure that they follow school and district protocol with regards to decision making and policy enforcement.  The purpose of this meeting is to come to a decision that is correct, fair and agreeable for all parties
  5. If the result is not mutually agreeable, you’ll be provided with the contact information for our parent representative and conflict resolution specialist.  This individual will speak directly with you to hear your concern, and your disagreement with the decision that school-based leadership made.  The conflict resolution specialist will make the Board of Directors aware of your continued concern, and will confer with the principal of the school to arrive at a final decision.