Professional Development

Teachers have the biggest influence on the academic performance of their students, so at Beacon College Prep we commit to a) removing all administrative obstacles to free teachers up to focus on planning, teaching and reflecting, and b) supporting the development of our instructional staff.
We offer a robust professional development program that focuses on fine-tuning instructional techniques that have been proven to close the achievement gap for students who are behind, and accelerate learning for students who are on grade level. Each teacher at Beacon College Prep will engage in the following structures annually:

We believe in cultivating talent in-house and investing in the development of our teachers to position them to assume leadership positions that become available across our network in the future.  By offering our teachers a robust and highly differentiated system of support, and by removing all administrative obstacles from their workload, we will create the ideal conditions in which they can thrive and develop as powerful instructional leaders in Miami.