Make a Difference

When we hear the term "achievement gap" we accept it as a challenge because we believe that our students can and will achieve at the same level as their peers residing elsewhere if we give them the opportunity to achieve. The gap in opportunities for students in our community is unjust, and BCP was eated to start to close that gap. When students cross the threshold of our school each morning, we welcome our country's future lawyers, engineers, doctors, entrepreneurs, analysts, athletes, politicians, teachers, and leaders to an environment that is serious about creating opportunities for their talents and brilliance to shine.

Systemic economic disparities in racially segregated communities like ours leads to a gap in opportunities for the youth. These opportunities can range from having access to technology, health care, healthy food, safe community centers, or high- quality schools. The gap in opportunities leads to a gap in academic achievement: students who do not have access to equitable and quality opportunities will likely not attain a high-quality education without intervention. The gap in academic achievement will then ultimately lead to a gap in economic prosperity, for there are few sustainable careers available to those who have not graduated from college. The cycle of poverty then starts over and repeats for another generation.

While the opportunity gap is but one element of a vicious cycle which keeps many of our students trapped within the confines of the status quo, we believe it to be the element that we must overcome in order set our students on trajectories that are commensurate with their potential. Beacon College Prep seeks to elevate the academic achievement of our students to give them - and future generations of kids in Miami's urban core - more opportunities to pursue their dreams.

We cannot realize this vision without committed individuals who care deeply about educating and empowering students in Miami. Do you want to help us rewrite the narrative for students who currently have limited opportunities? And build a beacon of hope in education by contributing to our collective efforts to prepare our students for success in college? Click here to learn about our exciting career opportunities.