Our Mission

We believe that preparation for college must begin in kindergarten because access to a college education is arguably more important today than at any point in history. By 2020, an estimated 123 million American jobs will require a college education, but only 50 million Americans are projected to have college degrees. Conversely, the projected 150 million Americans without college degrees will be competing for the only 44 million American jobs that are classified as “low-skill.” *

Couple this gloomy foreshadowing with the fact that only 8%* of students from low-income communities currently graduate from college by the time they are 24, and our urgency to deliver a high-quality elementary education for our students is emphatically punctuated.

We believe that it takes a lot more than just proficiency on standardized assessments to be prepared for college: It takes solid academic foundations rooted in critical thinking and literacy, strong character attributes, and enthusiastic participation in extracurricular activities. When students enter college, they must be well rounded, independent, and intrinsically motivated enough to successfully complete their degree. Beacon College Prep is dedicated to instilling these attributes in our students starting as early as kindergarten so that they can become successful, happy and productive citizens.