Our Mission

We believe that a holistic educational experience that balances the academic attainment of students, the development of their social skills, and the incorporation activities that they enjoy both inside and outside of the curriculum will develop empowered, well-rounded, and highly invested students. This is chiefly important because our students are among the most vulnerable and “at-risk” to a variety of external factors which are beyond their control. *

More than 50 years after the Civil Rights Act of 1964, race and socioeconomic status continue to dictate many of the life prospects and circumstances for people raised in our country. In every major city and school district across the US there exists a statistically significant gap in performance between Black and White students, as well as poor and wealthy students. The gap extends beyond performance on standardized tests and informs many of the quality of life indicators that plague black, brown and poor communities in our city: college attainment, home-ownership, debt, incarceration rates, life-expectancy, etc. The problem is unjust and unforgiving. Without innovative intervention, the problem will persist and will continue to circumscribe limitations for the masses in America’s most racially and economically segregated neighborhoods, while going unnoticed by those who enjoy the luxury of pursuing the American Dream in wealthier suburban neighborhoods or gentrified enclaves within city limits.

Beacon College Prep exists to be that innovative intervention. By immersing students in a culture of love and high expectations, and offering a rigorous and diverse educational program, we provide our students with a first-class, equitable public education that prepares them for success in college and in life.