Route 2

This is Route 2.  Please be at your location at least 10 minutes early so that we can be sure your child is picked up for school and dropped off safely.  As always, with a new school year it will take time to iron out the timing of each route, so please exercise patience and grace as they learn the route and get the times down.  We appreciate you!

IF THE NEW STOPS DON’T WORK FOR YOU, please use the Stop Change Request Form.  Please note that not all changes can be made, but we will do our best to accommodate where we can.  When using the form, don’t expect door-to-door service because that is impossible in most cases: instead, request a change that is reasonable, along major thoroughfares and that takes into consideration the other families using the stop.

Stop # Location Pick Up Time Drop Off Time
1 NW 79th St & NW 12th Pl (South Side Only) 6:00 AM 3:40 PM
2 NW 77th St & NW 10th Ave 6:06 AM 3:46 PM
3 NW 75th St & NW 18th Ave 6:09 AM 3:49 PM
4 Tacolcy Park (900 NW 61st St) 6:15 AM 4:04 PM
5 NE 68th St & N Miami Ave (East Side Only) 6:21 AM 4:10 PM
6 NW 75th St & NW 4th Ave 6:24 AM 4:13 PM
7 NW 75th St & NW Miami PL 6:31 AM 4:20 PM
8 Lafayette Apt (150 NE 79th St) 6:38 AM 4:27 PM
9 NW 83 St & NW 5th Ave 6:41 AM 4:30 PM
10 NW 90th St & NW 5th Ave 6:45 AM 4:34 PM
11 NW 107th St & NW 5th Ave 6:50 AM 4:39 PM
12 NE 140th St & NE 7th Ave 6:58 AM 4:47 PM
13 Oak Grove Park (690 NE 159th St) 7:02 AM 4:51 PM
14 NE 161st St & NE 8th Ave 7:04 AM 4:53 PM