Route 4

This is Route 4.  Please be at your location at least 10 minutes early so that we can be sure your child is picked up for school and dropped off safely.  As always, with a new school year it will take time to iron out the timing of each route, so please exercise patience and grace as they learn the route and get the times down.  We appreciate you!

If you wish to switch your assigned bus/stop number please email your request to with specific bus and stop number you are interested in. Please note that not all changes can be made, but we will do our best to accommodate where we can.

Route 4
Stop # Location Pick Up Time Drop Off Time
Stop 1 NW 75th St & NW 2nd Ave 7:36am 5:09pm
Stop 2 NW 67th St & NW 2nd Ave 7:42am 5:03pm
Stop 3 NW 57th St & NW 2nd Ave 7:49am 4:56pm
Stop 4 NW 51st St & NW 1st Ave 7:55am 4:50pm
Stop 5 NE 65th St & N Miami Ave 8:02am 4:43pm
Stop 6 NW 85th St & N Miami Ave 8:09am 4:36pm
Stop 7 NE 88th St & NE 8th Ave 8:17am 4:29pm