Our Core Values

Dr. Martin Luther King said that “Intelligence plus character –that is the true goal of education”. We could not agree more. Without strong character, our students will not have access to opportunities in this country – especially considering the degree to which stereotypes, racial bias and discrimination still inhibit the prospects of so many bright students of color.

At Beacon College Prep, we take an unconventional approach to fostering admirable character: we give students choice and guiding principles as opposed to rules and consequences. Rules and consequences prepares students to enter a world of law and order: one where it is customary – and even prudent - to be fearful of authority and learn to do good only when people are watching. Students cannot learn in fear, just like citizens cannot fully live in it. Beacon College Prep uses student choice and guiding principles (core values) to help students learn right from wrong from experience, and to maintain a supportive relationship between students and staff as opposed to an authoritative one that is steeped in fear.